Human Trafficking Siblings Sell Their Niece

Kratie: Two suspects have been arrested and sent to jail after conducting a preliminary investigation from anti-human trafficking police. The two suspects were involved in the sale of women to  men in China over the past 2 years.

The anti-trafficking police said that after investigating and questioning the two suspects they were found to have committed  cross-border trafficking and forging documents.

Deputy Commissioner for Human Trafficking, Colonel At Ratana, said their networks had been operating since 2016.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, one victim, believed to be their niece, was trafficked for sale to a Chinese is now 8 months pregnant  and has been returned to Cambodia.

The  suspects were siblings Pov Sarath, 46, and Pov Chenda, female. 55 years old. Both are also the siblings of the victim’s mother.

The suspects faked a number of documents to facilitate the woman’s crossing to China in 2016. When she arrived in China, they she was forced to marry a Chinese husband and often beaten by him.

The victim escaped the abuse but was subsequently sold to another Chinese man. This man was not abusive and she was able to go to the authorities for help and be returned home.

All money made from this transaction was kept by the two suspects. Now the victim is left with nothing but a baby inside her, which she will have to take care of.



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