Your Horoscope- By Google Translate*

Great Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the Feast of the Four Noble Truths, not worth $ 750*

*It’s really not worth spending time on this, so better just read it in the voice of a cartoon old Chinaman…

Belief in astrology is also a reason to encourage us to accomplish great things. Earlier this month, the top-most popular Chinese celebrity has predicted that for the third straight day this Saturday, the fourth year will be rubbed We need to have a good feng shui, good fortune, big fortune, big money, new life. It’s time to go. To make life easier for a living, as you would expect, to try and avoid, and now everything is done. As desired.

Red wipe red, red lucky number 19, three days, good feng shui, big money Overflow. If you want to change things, it’s good to get back together, and every job you have to eat has more money to go. There may be money brought home, but wherever the trip goes, And come back very well.

Rear Reycey highs up the number of lucky money number 17, the color of gold fortune for three days, you have a good fortune have more money to flow if you want Investing or negotiating something important is one of the best opportunities to get back to normal. The romantic alliance is so refreshing and sweet.

The goat-on-the-go-on-the-go-on-the-rich-diamond-rich According to the feng shui prediction of China, Se has claimed that for three days this is a time of great surge as the big money come in The higher the fortune, the more wealthy as a millionaire millionaire, the goodwill, the wealth of money flowing into the wealth of great wealth of happiness Great.

Feng Shui festoon for three days is golden time, good wages, more money flowing into it. Every job seeker gets profit in every direction, and traders get back to their full potential if they open new businesses. It is best for this special occasion.

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