The Great Escape

Oddar Meanchey Province: At 9:40 am on September 20, 2018, during a court case for theft and illegal use of narcotics, the accused managed to get away as the verdict was announced.

The prisoner was identified as Thorm Thoun, a 33-year-o living in Ta Seng village,  Svay Leu district, Siem Reap province. He was initially detained in Oddar Meanchey province on May 5, 2018.

Sao Phany, prison chief of Oddar Meanchey province, said that the prisoners received the verdict in the first instance court on the upper floor of the building. The  prisoner jumped from the floor (*possibly out the window or down the stairs, the article is unclear) and escaped because his officers, fearful of injury, did not dare to jump after him. Police forces are searching for the man-on-the-run, but as yet have not yet seen him.

Picture featured is of the fugitive after his original arrest, in his smalls, obviously.

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