Families Evacuated in Siem Reap

Siem Reap: On the morning of 19 September 2018, the authorities Province, as well as Deputy Permanent Disaster Management Committee chaired a Working Group: Provincial Disaster Management Committee and District Authorities of Chi Kraeng District, Sreng Commune, Anlong Chorng Commune, and Chi Chum Commune, to check the status of flooding and preparations on the ground for citizen safety.

Authorities in Siem Reap confirmed that after a heavy rainfall in Chi Kraeng district, residents were affected by flooding. The affected population totaled 185 families, and now Siem Reap authorities are preparing temporary shelters for them.

On September 18, 2018, Pov Bunthoeun, the district governor and chairman of the Chi Kraang Disaster Management Committee visited the site to check the  flood situation and set up huts for people affected by the floods.

Temporary shelters for 30 families were put up at a safe place near Prey Prey pagoda in Prey Snous village, Siengio commune, Chikreng district. 

Authorities in Siem Reap province inspect security grounds to evacuate people from rainfalls (Photo: Kanharak)

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