Everyone Is Responsible in Fight Against Waste

By Nina Pheaktra

The Secretary of State and Ministry of Environment spokesman, said on September 19, 2018, according to official reports, approximately 2,700 tons of garbage was created each day. He stated that the garbage growth in Phnom Penh and in the cities was our concern and needed all institutions to involve people from all walks of life to participate properly in the management of the waste to avoid damaging the environment  and the beauty of the community.

Garbage growth in Phnom Penh and in urban areas in Cambodia is increasing due to the growing population. Customs of consumption and packaging, and recycling of rubbish is still low.

The Ministry of Environment highlighted the increase in solid waste as a major problem in the areas of environmental management in Phnom Penh, requiring joint participation in combating  reductions in environmental pollution and health impacts.

Mr Neth Pheaktra said that in order to promote public aesthetics and public hygiene, as well as to prevent pollution of the air, air pollution caused by waste management, all parties must take care to manage their garbage waste. If people and business owners, markets, restaurants and entertainment venues have to separate the trash according to technical standards, he said. Separate waste between organic waste, plastic and hazardous waste.According to the secretary of state, if people participate in this waste separation method, the waste rate will drop.

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Environment stated that factories and companies each had to properly dispose of solid wastes and follow waste separation. Recyclable waste should not be disposed with other waste. He also stressed that there was absolute prohibition of waste disposal  on public roads, streams, public water sources or  property.  It is strictly forbidden to burn solid wastes in the absence of permission from the Ministry of Environment or the Environment Department.


At the same time, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Neth Pheaktra emphasized that participation and understanding of  litter among the people is still limited. Cleaning the environment around us is essential. If our house is clean, our village is clean, there is no plastic waste, no plastic bags, we have contributed to build value. The nation promotes prestige and honor for the Cambodian people.



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