Cambodian Billiards Star Reaches Semis in Turkey

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia’s lady billiards player, Sruong Pheavy, reached the semifinals of the 8th World Championship Ladies Billiards tournament in Turkey, after beating the Colombian player in the quarter-finals with a score of 30-16 last night.

In the semi-finals on Sunday, Pheavy made two appearances in her first match of Group A, defeating Denmark’s Jeanette Jensen with a score of 25-7, marking a 3-game record in the group. Then she made the last eight, after defeating Colombia Claudia LALINDE with 30-16 points to go to the last four.

For her fourth-seeded opponent, Japan’s Orie HIDA, who had met once in the group stage, won the semi-finals. With points 25-24. But if she can continue and beat the Japanese, she will face the Turkish or Dutch players face off in the semi-finals on the evening of September 20.

This is the first time that Sruong Pheavy has  participatedin the Billiard World Champion on behalf of the Cambodian National Team after Cambodia established the official Billiards Federation recently. But this is not the first time that she has participated in this big event, she won in 2015 at the World Championship in America.

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