4 Sexy Stars Given Final Warning By Ministry of Culture

Phnom Penh: Khmer stars that bring foreign culture into the brains of Cambodian youths: Sok Srey Moch, Rattanak Pisey, Pich Avisa (cover photo) and Nanda (?) have been issued a formal warning on September 17, 2018 from The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

in the case that the four stars have adversely affected by traditional traditions, causing aggression from the Cambodians masses through Facebook social network. Of the four ladies, Duong Sok Srey Moch has been singled out for shocking scenes. Some men do not think that she is a Khmer girl, with what she dares to wear!

However, the three stars, Rattanak Pisey, Pich Avisa  and Nandi (?) have long been under the watch of the Ministry’s blacklist, but as the three keep bearing their chests and refusing to stop, the Ministry issued a final  warning.

According to letter 55, signed by His Excellency Thai Norak Sathya, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Clause 2 warns the four to “stop the act that touches traditional culture.”

The case continues, “the Discipline and Commitment Council will take measures in line with the ethics of artists, suspending activities related to the arts and culture within a period in accordance with the fault of the perpetrators. ”

Source: Dara News


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Sok Srey Moch

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Rattanak Pisey

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Pich Avisa

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