Chinese Driver Gets Down On Knees And Prays

Published: A Chinese in a Toyota Alphard hit a motorcycle ridden by a man accompanied his wife and young child aged 7. The child was seriously injured and the father and mother suffer minor injuries. 

The incident happened at 10 pm on September 18, 2018, near the Council of Ministers building along the Russian Boulevard in Daun Penh district and led to a 1km chase as the car tried to escape.

According to the source, two Chinese men were seen driving the car  “2AD-8668”  when it hit a  Honda Dream ridden by a man traveling with his wife and little boy.

 As a result of the vehicle drove off for one kilometer to the point of Neak Vannao pagoda, chased by a mob of witnesses. After being stopped, the driver prayed for some sort of forgiveness, or perhaps to avoid a vengeful encounter with angry locals.

The young boy was taken to hospital.

After the incident, local authorities handed over the car owners to the authorities. Both car and motorbike skills are being stored at the Phnom Penh Road Traffic Police Office.


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