Ambassador To US Meets Trump

From Khmer FN:

(Phnom Penh): US President Donald Trump has confirmed that the United States is deeply impressed by Cambodia’s economic growth and the United States is proud to be a partner in this development.

The US President’s assertion was made in front of the ambassador to the United States, Chum Sounry, on September 17, 2018.

According to a press release from the Embassy of the United States of America, Fresh News Network received on September 19, 2018, underlined that on that occasion, the President of the United States stated that Chum Sounry’s work was important. In many respects, the relationship has been restored over more than 25 years of the Paris Agreement.

On that occasion, Donald Trump said, “The economic development that his country has achieved in the meantime is surprising and the United States is proud to be a partner in this development . 

“We know that Cambodia has the potential for greater development in the future, and we are happy to work together in the face of many challenges and opportunities,” said the president of the world’s largest superpower We are expecting to grow in free trade, proper regional security, and accountable governance and democracy, and we will work to expand cooperation in the general health sector . 

“I am delighted to work with you to promote our shared relations and deepen the relationship between the two countries, ” Donald Trump said .

Political analysts who watched US-US relations have expressed the view that Donald Trump’s standings are a slap opposition, both locally and internationally, who are nominally using all sorts of tactics with the purpose of hindering the current government-led development and development by wanting to be free. In particular, the United States has imposed economic sanctions and deactivated cooperative relations with Cambodia.

From English FN:

Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 19 – U.S President Donald Trump stated that the arrival of Cambodian ambassador in Washington is important on many levels, according to the press release of Cambodian Embassy to U.S dated on 17 September 2018.

“The arrival signifies the more than 25 years of restored relations we have enjoyed since the Paris Peace Accord,” President Trump said to the newly appointed Cambodian ambassador Chum Sounry.

“We know Cambodia has potential for much greater development in the future, and we are excited to work together on myriad challenges and opportunities,” the president added.

Read full press release below:


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