Acid Attack Thwarted

PHNOM PENH: A man was arrested for attempting and acid attack at about 1.30am on September 19, 2018, near the a Karaoke ” street 143,  in Veal Vong commune, Khan 7 Makara.

According to the female victim, they were not married, but lived together as a couple, even though the man had a real wife. The relationship was often violent, so she decided to break up.

One of her colleagues called for her to be cautious because she saw her husband sitting on a motorbike near the KTV where she worked. She called to the police to intervene and, when the force came to question the suspect, they searched him and found a bottle of acid in the motorbike. Police arrested him and took him to the station.

After the police questioned him, the suspect confessed that the acid on the motorcycle was intended to threaten  his ex-lover.

After the victim’s complaint, the confession and evidence, police sent the suspect to the 7 Makara Police Inspectorate to proceed with the law.


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