13 Unlucky Chinese

Sihanoukville: Traffic police force cooperation with other forces set up a roadblock to search for explosives, narcotics and driving offences at Lucky Point Karaoke in Sangkat No 4 City, Sihanoukville on  September 17.

13 Chinese drivers who had no legal road documents had their cars confiscated

Brigadier General E Sokha, Deputy Commissioner for Traffic Management, said that the vehicles included: 
1. LEXUS RX300 Silver plate number 2AL-6118. 
2. car Lexus RX300 white plate number 2AG-0883 . 
3. The white Lexus RX570 car plate number Sihanoukville 2E-0008. 
4. The vehicle Lexus RX300 Fair Wear plates Khmom 2A-0060. 
5. Car Lexus RX300 white plate number 2AF-9312. 
6. The black Lexus RX300 car plate number Sihanouk 2A-2195. 
7. The vehicle Lexus RX300 Sage Plate number plate number 2AO-6829.
8. Car Lexus RX300 candy color code number Sihanoukville 2G-3030. 
9- vehicle white Lexus RX300 wear plates 2AO-3801. 
10- silver Hyundai car number plates 2AB-3775. 
11. cars Lexus RX300 Sage plate number 2AS-9918. 
12. Starex brand Silver plate number Kampot 2B-1818. 
13. cars Lexus RX300 white plate number 2AG-7506.

All vehicles will be kept at the Traffic Police Office for contracting and fines.


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