Pigeon Feeders Shooed Off Royal Palace

Phnom Penh: Vendors and pigeon feeders in front of the Royal Palace must stop from today or face fines. Such sellers were rounded up and signed a contract agreeing to move from in front of the Royal Palace, but are allowed to do so in another location by the river, to the north.

Sok Penh Vuth, director of Daun Penh district, said that from now on, he will not allow sellers in the park in front of the Royal Palace, because in the past, it has seriously affected the environment as the pigeons poop in front of the Royal Palace and the garden. The district hall has allowed peasants  to continue activities on the Riverside, where it is easier to clean up.

Khan Governor confirmed that after receiving instructions from Mr. KHOUNG Sreng, Governor of the Board of Governors as well as the Ministry of the Royal Palace, Daun Penh Administration will in ask for sellers, who flog food for pigeons, sell flowers and take photos to move on. 

The Daun Penh administration saw that these sellers sometimes do not  obey the instructions, affecting the area by stepping over the grass, leaving trash and creating poor sanitation conditions.

Therefore, the Daun Penh Administration wishes to advise and strongly appeal to all business people who come to visit or worship to cooperate with local authorities as well as in other public places in Phnom Penh to contribute to the beauty of the city.

Sok Penhvuth said that from now on, if people do not obey these principles,  feeding the pigeons (in front of the Royal Palace) carries a fine of 20,000 riels, food sellers  in front of the Royal Palace must be fined 150,000 Riels, and other businesses shall be fined 200,000

Riels. https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/article/704500.html

វិធានការ​ក្តៅ​ៗ​មិន​ថាអ្នកលក់ អ្នក​ឲ្យ​ចំណី​ព្រាប​នៅ​មុខ​ព្រះ​បរមរាជវាំង (​មាន​វី​ដេ​អូ​)

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