Train Takes Out Tuk Tuk

The Phnom Penh A train hit a tuk-tuk at 2:10 am on September 15, 2018, at the entrance of Neak Konday pagoda, Tuol Kork.

According to a source from the scene, before a man drove a PassAp tuk-tuk, plated Svay Rieng number 1M-4107, with four male passengers inside. 

When it arrived at the train line the driver failed to notice  Phnom Penh-International Airport  train heading towards the city. The tuk tuk was taken for an unintentional ride of at least 20 meters along the tracks, causing severe damage. At least one of the passengers was taken to a hospital immediately.

According to the man, who was driving the tuk-tuk, before the incident, he was transporting the four passengers from Wat Nokvon. When arriving at the crossing, he didn’t see or hear the train coming. Then he drove across and hit the train.

After the incident, the train continued to Phnom Penh Railway Station. The tuk-tuk was then taken to Tuol Kork district police station waiting to be handled later.

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