New Ideas For Sihanoukville Waste Crisis

By: Vannak / Sihanoukville: On the morning of September 15, 2018, authorities issued a new system for prioritizing the collection of waste from homes and commercial buildings, as well as the amount of garbage that must be transported.

Officials say the red alert is for only the main roads that the garbage trucks have to collect every day, such as Independence Street, and roads around the provincial hall.

According to the governor of Sihanoukville,  the authorities will schedule the garbage trucks to transport from different zones.

In the inner city, the authority will be divided into four types:

First category. The garbage road will be transported every day (red card).

 Category 2. The central garbage truck will transport garbage every 2 days (orange card). 

Category 3. Roads where less people live in garbage trucks need to be transported twice a week (yellow cards). 

Category 4.  Suburban streets, garbage trucks must be collected once a week (blue).

According to the governor, the first step will be to implement the priority road map (red card) and continue to implement. (Yellow, green card and blue card), to all streets in the city.

However, critics argue that the authorities should put more pressure on the garbage company, which people see as incompetent.


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