The Parking Gallery

A (regularly*) updated column highlighting the perils of driving a car in Cambodia. Readers submissions encouraged.
*so regular we forgot all about it, what with pointing and meth art and divider super league and such other inane and vacuous nonsense.

Parking the beer
Lowrider, PP style
Keep right
SHK reverse park fail
Stung Hav Chinese special
The big problem here? Lights on in the daytime.
You flooded the engine!
Tokyo drift, Wat Phnom
“Anywhere’ll do”
Brick in the wall
Another brick in the wall
ROAD not rod!
Barang pointing out the parking problem
Mind the gap
Overflow parking

A driver in Ratanakiri tries to camouflage his Camry

15 September, Sen Sok

From ‘James’

You’re not the Dukes of Hazzard, you’re rubbish!

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