Snooky Stabby Swede Threatens Frenchman

Sihanoukville: On September 13, 2018 police detained a Swiss citizen for allegedly making threats to kill in Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville.

Rickard Erik Stiogson, a 32-year-old non-business Swedish citizen*, did not have a passport and sent Facebook messages to the victim named ARTHUR NEXRAUD, a 28-year-old French man, threatening to kill him if he did not hand over $ 1,000 (the reasons for this demand are not clear).

The victim did not follow the request and the suspect went after him. Luckily the police intervened, arrested the Swiss and seized a knife. He was then brought to the police headquarters of Sihanoukville to take legal action.


*It was originally reported that the suspect was Swiss, but it has been pointed out the Khmer story was wrong, and he is, in fact Swedish

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