Koreans Charged With $7.5 Million Fraud

Two Korean men arrested and charged with stealing more than $ 7 million*

The  September 14, 2018 incident involved fraud and theft of more than $ 7 million from Chinese companies.

The two suspects, 1. So (?) a 29-year-old male South Korean  2, Joo Zun , a 60-year-old male, currently living  i  Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmei, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh. 

The case was brought by Jin Zhehong, a 44-year-old male from China, a businessman representing Shenyang Aiweiou Healfh Products Co. 

Now both suspects are being questioned by Deputy Prosecutor Seang Sok.

Prosecutors said the suit filed by a Chinese company against the two Koreans for was for fraud amounting to      $292.045 dollars in November 2016 and theft of $ 7,205,882 in 2017 and using falsified public documents.

The fraud case involved the purchase of  Lincoln Navigator cars for the Chinese company in 2016

Later the couple are alleged to have stolen $7,205,882 from the same company and fled to Korea. Recently, the two Korean men returned to Cambodia and bought a condo and Range Rover. After a complaint they were arrested.


*A tricky story to understand, any mistakes will be edited.


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