“I’m Going In On Foot” Says MH370 Seeker

MH370 team searching ON THE GROUND with exact jungle location where ‘plane came down’

THE SEARCH for missing MH370 took a dramatic twist today after investigators demanded a search team visit a claimed wreckage spot on foot.

Tech expert Ian Wilson is to be airlifted to an area three miles from where he claims he has pinpointed the Malaysian Airlines flight using Google Maps.
He will then need a guide to lead him through the two-day jungle mission through the mountainous terrain west of Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

It comes after Andre Milne – who previously declared Wilson’s spot “significant” – called an earlier helicopter mission to find the missing MH370 flight “useless” because it wasn’t on foot.

Milne – a private investigator and founder of Unicorn Aerospace – exclusively told Daily Star Online: “Flying over in a helicopter is virtually useless.

“It requires human insertion to the ground via a jungle penetration from above.

“Flying ‘over’ a deep jungle growth forest to look for an aircraft that could have been on the ground for over four years is virtually useless because of the thick vegetation that will have grown all around and over the aircraft making it impossible to see from the air.

“I know this from first hand experience of having investigated aircraft and helicopter crash sites in tropical growth forest regions in the past.

“Google must confirm the authenticity of the image and the coordinates immediately, provided the image is deemed as authentic.”

The group of aviation experts who were in the chopper said they flew to Wilson’s spot.

They didn’t find any signs of a plane wreckage, although they said cloud cover and the wrong co-ordinates could be to blame.

But Wilson shares Milne’s belief it needs to be discovered on foot and is planning to visit the spot in weeks.

He has approached Helicopters Cambodia – which offers tours – to help him unravel the greatest aviation mystery of all time.

MH370 search team 'closing in on crash site'GETTY/GOOGLE

MISSION: A search team will look for MH370 on foot

MH370 'spotted on Google Maps'GOOGLE

MYSTERY: Wilson’s plane spotting measures around 70metres

And the company has agreed to take him on his breakthrough mission in just weeks.

Wilson told Daily Star Online: “There was a section called ‘special purposes’, so I said if I was to turn up, give you some co-ordinates, is it possible you could take me there?

“He said I know who you are, and absolutely you can take me there and gave me the price, which was like $4,000.”

The video producer has earmarked the beginning of October for his mission.

He added: “The helicopter company said if we take you, we’ll get you right in there.

“They specialise in going into really dense terrain.”


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