Cambodia-Laos In Border Talks

Phnom Penh: Cambodia and Laos have reached a new point in addressing the border issue, and created mutual trust in continuing the bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

At a meeting in Hanoi on September 13, Heads of Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen and HE Dr. Thongloun Sisoulith, Prime Minister of Laos, agreed on three points to reduce tension and address the border issue where Cambodia’s Stung Treng Province meets Lao PDR’s Attapeu.

Through these joint declarations, the two countries have expressed their willingness to resolve issues along the border, creating trust between the two nations of the two countries. 

The two prime ministers have met with each other in a series of rounds of talks, agreeing to consolidate disputes, expand talks, and agree to jointly agree on the common border issue between Cambodia and Laos. A letter was sent to the French Government (who originally demarcated the border) asking experts to change the scale of the maps.

In August 2017, the Laotian army encroached into the Cambodian territory in O’Ang Mang and Ou Aai, in Stung Treng province’s Siem Pang district, which created a confrontation between the two armed forces. The situation along the Cambodian-Laos border is tense.

However, the challenge is not widespread, as Cambodia and Laos are willing to tackle the issue together, with the Laos side agreeing to withdraw troops from Cambodian territory as requested by the Cambodians.

According to Kauai Kim Houn, Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, at a press conference at Pochentong on the evening of September 13, it is possible to safeguard the peace in the disputed area, and strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Laos and Cambodia.


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