Sihanoukville Squad Sent In To Assist

Phnom Penh: On September 12, 2018, Samdech Krohom Sar Kheng, Acting Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister ordered four units under  the Ministry of Interior to go to Sihanoukville immediately to research and help crack down on crime.

These four bodies are: The General Department of Administration, General Department of National Police, General Department of Immigration and Lawyers of the Ministry of Interior. However, with all crimes, especially involving the Chinese, local police forces are involved and arresting numerous suspects.

It was noted that Sihanoukville is actively developing, and there are a lot of tourists there. Recently many more tourists flocked to Sihanoukville, especially foreigners, most of them Chinese.

” It is normal for any nationality to have good and bad, and while the situation is not yet properly handled, it creates some problems; crimes like murder, drug use issues and environmental sanitation. We know that the sea is a popular place for  Cambodian people, as well as international guests, if we do not pay close attention to it, it can make the sea become unusable. This is our concern. “

The Interior Minister has assigned a team to investigate these issues. At the same time, there was a call for inter-ministerial co-operation, and a request for the National Government to  delegate responsibilities to each ministry in order to perform their respective roles.

The four departments sent to the coast will organize Operations or Support Groups. But these support teams will not repalce the Sihanoukville administration, but offer support to help solve the problems that the province is being troubled by.


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