Dead Foreign Man Dumped On Roadside

Svay Rieng: Preliminary reports say a murder case has been reported along National Road No.1,  on the morning of Sept. 13 at 6 o’clock Morning.

According to the report, the victim is believed to be a foreigner. The man was killed elsewhere and wrapped in a plastic mat and driven from the east by an unknown car. The body was dumped with rubbish on the side of the National Road 1 near the administration post of Chak Kespeang.

According to sources close to the scene, at about 4 am, a small car came from the east. Upon arriving at the point, it stopped for a moment and turned around and drove off in the same direction it had come from.

At At 6 am, local vendors caught sight of the body and called the police. After examination, the authorities have not yet identified the man and are waiting for technical specialists to come.

More information will be available later. (Graphic link):

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