The All New Meth-Art Gallery

An occasionally updated column dedicated to the collages made by the competent authorities from arrested suspect’s narcotics. Please play the track whilst perusing the gallery.

Homage to Biden?
Coming Clean
Great photoshop meth-art
‘Way of the Meth Ninja’
‘Odd pill out’

‘149 Fine’
Old Skool Meth Art
The Meth of the Long Knives (artist pictured)
White On Black
nnnnnnnnnnnn nineteeen
Meth art fashion is heading in a right angle direction, some don’t like it. This could have made a beautiful ’59’ with the large bag placed asymmetrically. But, such is the way.
Great work on the 2, but the 7 seems rushed
“Twist” “Stick” “Bust”
Meth Offering
Meth on a Black Cracked Hole
Crack House
Sea of Ice on Fish Table
Got my meth on my money and my money on my meth
“Meth on a Montage of Dealers” Ratanakiri
Powder N’ Pills- Banteay Meanchey
Meth Picnic
Ice Pick and Pipes on Black

168 (pinyin: yī liù bā; Cantonese Yale: yāt luhk baat) sounds like “一路發” (pinyin: yī lù fā; Cantonese Yale: yāt louh faat) meaning “fortune all the way”.
Half Empty…or Half Full? A Meth Paradox
Chop on Blue
What’s your number?
Fifty Shades of Meth
Angles in Heaven
Chinese characters in yama
Cracked Phone and Crack
Take a Trip
Meth and the Money
“Calling 45”
Ya Ma in Pyjama
“Pandora’s Ice Box” Kampong Speu
A game of Meth Twister begins.

Ctrl+Meth+Delete. Tuol Tum Pung artist
MethPhone Package.
Speed Sixteen.
Can’t touch this.
“Crush” Pailin

“Organized Chaos”
“Back on Black”
Breakfast at Methanie’s
Camo 5-Oh
Sisophon Meth Art Collective Kampuchea or “SMACK”
“Meth Mikado on Wood” by SMACK (2019)
“Wild Wild Meth”
This speaks to me
An untitled attempt at surrealism by Kandal police
“Chem Trails”
Metholution Number Nine
“Small Fry on Blue” Toul Kork
“37 to Empty”

“How Did That Get There?”

“90 Degree/43”

“Reflections” by Men Who Make the Meth-Art
“Smowflakes on Black” artist pictured from Mermot, Tbong Khmom

^ The Ya Ba Cuss, Banteay Meanchey

“38 E’s” By MDMA Allstars, Preah Vihear
“Ice Bear” Phnom Penh
La Montage du Meth

“The Lao Connection” Nam Ngo, 40, Stung Treng

“Area 51”, Prey Nup, Preah Sihanouk

“The Numbers Game”Battambang

“Meth-odical Spaces” Phnom Penh Police

“A Tribute to the End of the Ottoman-Venitian War” by Kampot Young Turks

“Droopy Drawer, 44” Artists named in picture.

“Blink 182” Kampong Chhnang

“In Eighteen Hundred znd Ninety Two” by Poipet Teens

“Meth by the Candle’s Light” by Rattanakiri 6ix

“Shattered Dreams on a Field of Green” Phnom Penh Posse

“Lighter, Spoon, Scissors, Meth” by Sokha Pheaktra, 28, Kandal.

“The Big Three-Oh” by Ly Heng Chhea, Preah Vihear

“57 Shades of Yabba” Unknown artist, Battambang

“Meth For Picasso” by Kampong Cham Neo-Cubism Collective, 2018

“Youen Trouble Now” from a collective of Vietnamese artists, Bavet.

“Reflections on Crystals” Unknown Artist, Kandal.

“Ever Decreasing Meth Bags” by Khun Saroeun, Kampot

“All By Myself”, unknown artist, Phnom Penh

Street art called “The Empty K and the XTC”by unknown artists, Poipet.

A thought provoking piece from Banteay Meanchey- “Drugs and My Life”

The artist is holding a sign saying ‘All Art is Yama, and all Yama is Art’ from Banteay Meanchey

“Combined Age” by artists from Trapaing Rumchek Village, Sangkat Chom Phase I, Posen Senchey, Phnom Penh.

“2 Short of 420, Blaze It”By artists in Pailin

“Bang On The Money” from another artist in Banteay Meanchey.

This abstract montage from Banteay Meanchey is titled “Making The Call” and highlights the struggle between traditional drug dealing in an age of burner phone technology. Artist: Yeung Srey, 37, from Prasat Tbeng village, Banteay Chhmar commune, Thmor Puok district, Banteay Meanchey province.


165 is the number from these boys in Malai.

“99 Red Yama Pills”


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