Cambodian Insects A Big Hit With Thais

Preah Vihear Province: Along the border there is a marketplace for Thai and Khmer traders, who have traditionally made a living selling goods such as fish, chicken, ducks, agricultural products and wild vegetables. During the rainy season, Cambodians are lucky to sell something the Thais just can’t get enough of.

Mok a seller of grasshoppers at the ‘Horsepark’ Market on Cambodian territory, said that between 500 kg and 1 ton of grasshoppers are sold each day, and some days from 2 to 3 tons can be exported. However, this season there are less grasshoppers than in previous years.

 Traders from as far as Kompong Thom  come to border to arrange deals with brokers from Thailand. 

Vendor Ly Daran, a vendor there, said that the  business is seasonal. In the dry season, mushrooms, timber, rattan, and other crops are sold. In the rainy season, there are grasshoppers, frogs, cassava and rattan for sale to Thai people.


“Everyday, each vendor can sell 20-25kg of grasshoppers to Thai buyers,” she said. The price is around 30,000 Riels ($7.50) per kilogram. “

According to one Thai, who came to buy grasshoppers at Cambodian market, the locusts are very popular for cooking Thai dishes and have special flavors.

“In Thailand, there are grasshoppers like Cambodia, especially in the corn fields, but in Thailand farmers use more pesticides’.


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