Officials Pay Tribute to Dr. Richner
Siem Reap Province Deputy Governor Pov Piseth led a delegation of provincial council leaders, armed forces and civil servants in the province to lay flowers. light joss sticks and candles to commemorate Prof Dr Beat Richner, founder of the famous children’s hospitals.

The memorial was held in the Children’s hospital Theater in Siem Reap on the afternoon of September 10.

The governor said that the death of Dr. Beat Richner was a great loss, not only for the family but also the loss of an important human resource that has devoted most his life to humanitarian work for Cambodians via The establishment of Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital and provided free treatment services for children, which contributed significantly to the health sector development in the Kingdom.

Professor BEAT RICHNER died in Switzerland on Sept. 9, 2018 at 02:45 AM at the age of 71, after he had been ill for several months.

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