Stung Treng Dumping Out of Control

Stung Treng: According to garbage collection workers, there are a number of issues with people dumping rubbish. Instead of paying the fees for collection, waste is often taken out at night and left on the roadside.

If  you were to cross the bridge at Sre Pou village, Srah Russei commune, near Stung Treng town to the east, you would be greeted by a pile of rubbish,  stinking and surrounded by flies. There are serious concerns that this can contaminate the water supply, and become a challenge for health.

Residents of Stung Treng province  said that on Saturday, September 8, 2018, the garbage pile near Stung Treng Airport has been around for years, and the authorities have not taken any action against the fly-tippers

People in Srepok village expressed concern that the rubbish piles were the source of infection after it rains.  The waste flows from the canal into the Mekong River, which is an important water source for people.

Mr. Soy Kosal, the governor of Stung Treng province, said that this issue has been announced to municipalities so they can participate in cleaning. 

He appealed to the citizens to follow the instructions of the authorities because we all need to protect the country. The authorities are watching and will arrest offenders, in accordance with the sub-decree of the Royal Government 113 on Environmental Cleaning.

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