Two More Companies to Join CSX

By: Cham Prasith / Phnom Penh: Two more companies are preparing procedures to enter their stock on the bond market this year.

Director General of the Cambodian Securities and Exchange Commission, Sou Sourat, said on Sept. 7 that before the end of this year, he expects  two more companies to begin trading on Stock Exchange of Cambodia. The first is a company based in Paris, with a parent group in Malaysia. The company has been investing in a network of power grids in the Kingdom, and it has been in Cambodia for a long time.

The other company is ASA, a holding company holding a majority stake in ACLEDA Bank Plc.

Thailand’s stock market currently has more than 900 companies, and in Vietnam, more than 1,000 companies are issuing shares.  Cambodia currently has only 5 companies.

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