Man Gets Drunk and Blows Himself Up

Preah Vihear: A drunken man took a B40 (an anti-tank G, from an RPG), opened the casing and caused an explosion.

The bomb blast occurred on September 6, 2018 at a house in Rupeang village, Chruak commune, Choam Ksan district.

The 48-year-old male was severely injured.

Before the incident, the man had argued with his wife. He took the ordnance from under his house where he had kept it and invited her to sit down.

The woman was justifiably afraid of the B.40 rocket, and ran away to her neighbour’s house to ask for help in stopping her husband from playing with the bomb. Before villagers could arrive, there was an explosion.

The victim was then sent to a hospital in Reaksmey Kham district to be treated by a medical team.

More graphic images:

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