Sino Sihanoukville Shooters Caught

SHK: On September 6, 2018 two Chinese men were arrested, along with two pistols, in connection with a restaurant shooting from July 16th.

1. REN HAI JUN, a 46-year-old Chinese man

2. WU HAI ZHU, male, 30, Chinese

The suspects are thought to have been the men who wounded 4 fellow Chinese who were eating in a Sihanoukville restaurant. The victims were shot in the legs and have since returned to China.

According to the confessions of the two suspects, they  shot the men because they had insulted them in a club on the on July 15, 2018.

The pieces of evidence are: 
2 pistols: 1, BERETA G643652 
2, GLOCK 19,  WBEN763 

They said the guns were bought from an unknown villain for $ 3,800, and after the crime were buried in the ground in Group 22 Village 3, Sangkat 3, Sihanoukville.

In this case, specialist forces are following the procedure of the Criminal Police Offices in order to follow the rule of law.

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Sihanoukville: At 8 pm on July 16, 2018 there was a mass shooting in Sihanoukville.

In a Chinese restaurant in the city, 4 Chinese men were shot and sent to Seth Clinic:
1- Zhangkun, male, 39 years old, two bullets to the right thigh.
2- Yang Huaihua male, 41, a tourist, 1 in the right knee .
3-Yang Junqing, 27 years old, is a tourist with 3 gunshot wounds to one leg, his left calf and one in the right thigh.
4. Liu Wei Min, 33 years old, a tourist hit twice in his right thigh.

All the victims stayed at the Golden Sand Hotel.

The suspect, identified as a Chinese national, is still unaccounted for. After pumping out shots he escaped by motorbikes.

In this case, competent police forces are investigating will arrest suspects according to law.

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