Chinese Dies in Poipet Massage Joint

At 5:50 am on September 6, 2018, a Chinese man suffered a suspected heart attack in a massage parlor. The victim was named as WU QUANZHONG, a 27-year-old Chinese national.


The event took place in the Heng Leap Massage Shop 2 at Kbal Spean I Village, Poipet City.


Before the incident, the owner was sleeping in the room with his wife and children, when suddenly he heard a Chinese voice making a commotion.


The victim was stretched out, seemingly having a fit or seizure in the shop.


He was taken to a private clinic, but died 20 minutes later. Currently, the body is placed in Poipet Referral Hospital.


After examining the body, it was decided the man hadn’t been murdered. The death could have been a heart attack, possibly brought on by sexual enhancement medication, although as yet it is still unclear.

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