5 Point Economic Plan For Coast

Preah Sihanouk: Sihanoukville governor, Chea Lim, said that currently, in the province, there are nearly 900 tourism businesses, including 79 hotels, 336 restaurants, and casinos operating in more than 100 locations.

Further construction is due to start soon. He added that Sihanoukville continues to grow faster because the government has set up the province to become a commercial multi-sector area because the coastal province has the only deep-water port in Cambodia. Direct flights are also making the province more accessible.


“While the house is repaired and refurbished and there are more guests, it definitely makes guests unsatisfied with our activities So, just be patient and wait for the house to be ready. ” he said

“Because Sihanouk is a province with tourist attractions, local and international investors come to invest. The venture capital is made up of resorts, guesthouses, hotels and resorts.

While Sihanouk is currently developing, it has provided a lot of benefits to local people and foreigners. In fact, every business that is serving in the province has absorbed tens of thousands of laborers to serve and receive a living wage.”

Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia, Dr. Sok Siphana, said that through the government’s industrial development policy, Sihanouk Province, as an economic and industrial zone, has made rapid development due to its favorable infrastructure.

Special Economic Zones, the seaport, expansion of international airport, and highways, all give future potential for the province.

“I think the next five years Sihanoukville will replace Siem Reap because Siem Reap is heavily dependent on Tourism only.”

The Royal Government of Cambodia’s policy introduced the following strategies:

1- The Royal Government has set its strategy for developing Sihanoukville through the policy of 2017-2025, Sihanouk Province will become Multi-purpose special economic zone under a special administration.
2- Phnom Penh-Sihanouk Highway will begin construction by the end of 2018.
3- At the end of 2018, Preah Sihanouk province will establish another city on Koh Rong, designed to handle large numbers of tourists with sustainable development.
4. Under the cooperation between the Cambodia-China diplomatic ties, the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (BEI) will transform into a friendship city for Cambodia – China.
5. Preah Sihanouk Province will become the economic center of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

China’s Silk Road (Belt) has the goal of promoting investment as a bridge for diplomacy.  Currently, China is pushing out investment in more than 35 countries.

Meanwhile, China has identified four coastal provinces for the new Silk Road (Koh Kong, Preah Sihanouk, Kampot and Kep provinces)

The coastal corridor from Koh Kong to Kep, will begin construction in the future. 


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