World Bank Agrees $50m Siem Reap Loan

Siem Reap (FN), Sept. 4 – The World Bank has agreed to loan approximately $50 million to Cambodia for development projects in Siem Reap, of which $20 million will be spent on wastewater collection networks to prevent city from flood.

Consultation on Wastewater Collection Networks Development meeting was held in Siem Reap on Tuesday with the participations of Tea Seiha, Deputy Provincial of Siem Reap, Ken Ratha, Deputy Director General of Public Works and Transport, representatives of the World Bank Group, SUEZ Technical Advisor, and Apsara Authority.

Ken Ratha said that the development plan for this system was studied by the SUEZ Councils under the financial support from City Development Initiative For Asia (CDFA), aiming to effectively manage wastewater on the principles of accountability and sustainability to ensure public health and sanitation, and environment.

According to Ratha, Siem Reap discharges 25,000 cubic meters of wastewater every day, while currently the city can handle only 8,000 cubic meters per day, which requires more development partners to tackle the issues.


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