Russian ATM Skimmer Scammers Given 6 Stretch

Russian Bank Skimmers Jailed

Phnom Penh (kohsantepheapdaily): The Phnom Penh Court of First heard cases against two Russian nationals charged with stealing from ABA Bank ATMs, under Articles 353 and 357 of the Penal Code and the illegal use of narcotics under Article 45 of the Law on Drug Control Cambodia:

31-year-old male, ALEXANDER ZAMETNYA, and IVAN TELENKOV Ivan, a 30-year-old male are both Russian nationals.

The hearing was chaired by Khy Chhay and the judges and the defense. The two accused responded in the same way; that they had no idea they were stealing money in ATMs. They said that they needed money to travel home, and met one person who somehow got them involved in a scheme, and gave them cash to spend.

The two suspects were detained by police in Daun Penh district at 3am,. December 2, 2017 after an ABA Bank ATM machine on Street 240, in Phnom Penh was tampered with. Police seized $1,000 in stolen money, several cloned ATM cards and other items.

Both also tested positive for drug use.

The court decided to sentence them to six years in jail each. The court also ordered that they be expelled from Cambodia after they serve their sentences.



(Photo: DAP News)


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